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You might come across the a few terms that you are unfamiliar with when looking to buy a used car, these terms may include Cat D, Category D, Insurance Write-Off or Accident Repaired. So firstly we need to know what these terms actually mean.

Cat D or Category D is a term for cars that have been written-off by the insurance company, in simple terms the insurance company has decided that it is not worth repairing the car.

Category D is the lowest category of damage they may have been in an accident or just suffered minor damage in some way and it is cheaper to replace it with a new car rather than repair it. Many of these Category D write-off’s are repairable and are sold on at low prices compared to non-damaged cars.

These cars can be a great starting point for first time drivers as they tend to be alot cheaper even once repaired, and the best part is if the work has been done by a competent mechanic they will be safe and legal to drive. They can also be a great way to own the car of your dreams at a much lower price than normal, As with any other used car you must tread carefully and make sure the car is accompanied with the correct paperwork and drives ok, the best way to be sure you aren’t buying something that is going to cost the earth is to bring along a competent mechanic to do a thorough check on the car first.

Always try to obtain information about what damage the car had suffered and what work has been carried out on the car to fix the issues.

If you are thinking of buying any used car even if it isn’t a Category D write-off but you are unsure what to look for why not contact Barry who will be able to do a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are looking at and give you the best estimate for any problems the car has.

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One thought on “Write Off Or Right Buy

  • I have never considered buying a car that had been wrote off before, i always thought they would be more trouble than they were worth and probably need constant repair.

    I will seriously be considering a category d and I may even give you a shout to help me find one.

    Thanks for the info

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