Used Cars, Whats The Deal?

Used CarsUsed-car

Here’s what you need to think about

We all see cars online in adverts that look great and seem like a good deal…that is until we try to get insurance or have to tax it. Always try and factor in the costs of insurance, tax and any repairs that may be needed on the car you are looking at before buying and also think about getting a few different quotes for finance before so you know how much you can afford.

Shop around, check out price guides, look at similar cars to see what price they are going for and also try to find out if there are any ‘common faults’ on the vehicle you are looking at. Websites like can be a good source of information.

Service History & MOT:
Always ask about service history, past MOT certificates and receipts for work carried out. All cars need some form of work doing over the years so owners should be able to provide at least some of the most recent documents. If there is no history then ask why.
Cars three years old or more need an MOT and the owner may or may not have previous certificates, but if not then you can always check the MOT status and history on the website (back to 2005) you will need the Make and Registration of the vehicle to check the history, This service also indicates recorded mileage so always check that the mileage which should increase steadily with age and be consistent with the service record.

V5C Registration Document:
Make sure you check the V5C document, this shows the registered keeper and not the legal owner. Check that the person selling the car is the present registered keeper and if not why are they selling the car for someone else?
It will also show details of previous keepers you may wish to contact the previous keepers to find out what work they had done to the car and how many miles they did.

Handbook & Keys
Check to see if the car comes with a handbook these can be quite costly to replace, also check to see how the alarm or immobiliser works and find out how many keys there are for the car if there is no spare key then why not? Modern car keys can cost upwards of £100 to replace so keep that cost in mind if you need more than one key.

Buyer Beware:
As with any second hand purchase you should always be wary when buying a second hand car and remember if something seems to good to be true then it most likely is. For peace of mind your best option is to get a vehicle inspection which Barry can carry out this will help flag up any mechanical or safety issues with the car Click Here For A Free Quotation, or feel free to print off our DIY checklist here if you know what you are doing.

Never be pressured into buying anything, there are always other cars out there the same as this one so if it doesn’t feel right then walk away.
Make sure you get a receipt showing the vehicle details, price, any terms of the sale and the seller’s details.

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