Should I Service?

Does My Car Really Need A Service?

Or Am I Getting Ripped Off?service

Apart from a house for most people a car is the second most expensive purchase they make and of course we never really only stick with one car we change our cars regularly for one reason or another so costs continue to add up over the years.

With the cost of buying the car, insurance, tax, MOT’s and fuel owning a car can burn quite a hole in any wallet. So when it comes to looking after the car it’s no wonder people are trying to save as much money as they can with a large amount of drivers buying budget or part worn tyres, not keeping on top of bulb or wiper replacement, buying substandard parts for their vehicles and just not getting the car serviced regularly.

All of which will save money only in the short term and end up costing you more in the long term, servicing is an important part of keeping your car running smoothly, it means you stay also inline with the terms set out for the cars warranty and cars that do not get a service can end up suffering internal damage and end up costing a lot more than if the car had been serviced.

How Often Should I Service?

The cars manufacturer will have a recommended service schedule which is on average every 12,500 miles or every 12 months whichever comes first and it is ok to stick to this service schedule, however it is advisable to have the car serviced more regularly about twice a year especially if it is an older car. More regular servicing allows your vehicle to be checked for safety issues between its MOT such as the brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and wipers.

Your car will not need a full service twice yearly but its a good idea to have an interim and a full service.

An interim service normally includes:

  • Fresh Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • Fluids Topped Up
  • 10 Point Safety Check
  • Book Stamped

Costs on average £70+ (depending on the vehicle)

A full service normally includes:

  • Fresh Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Spark Plugs (Petrol Models)
  • Fluids Topped Up
  • 10 Point Safety Check
  • Book Stamped

Costs on average £120+ (depending on the vehicle)

These costs can be very minimal to the kind of cost you could be looking at if damage occurs due to not getting the car serviced. Oil helps to lubricate the engine components and keeps the engine cool as the oil gets older and is circulated in the engine it starts getting thinner losing its ability to lubricate the components properly and if left too long will cause damage to the point where a whole new engine may be needed if the engine seizes up and that could cost anything in the region of £2000.

Who Should Service My Car?

Always try and use someone who has been recommended to you or who has a good reputation, always try and get a couple of different quotes and write down what is included for the price you have been quoted.

In short getting your car serviced is not a way for mechanics to try and rip you off, it will allow your vehicle to run for longer, run smoother, help to maintain value with a service history and of course save you money!
Shop around for prices an independent mechanic may charge a lot less than a large branded garage and do the same job, or even better get a quote from a mobile mechanic saving you the hassle of taking the car the garage.

Feel free to contact Barry today to get a quick, hassle free quotation for your servicing needs.

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