Aircon, I’m not a fan.

Aircon Recharge

Now the summer is finally here you may be using your aircon a lot moreac to help keep you nice and cool. Aircon can also help demist windows in the winter and it should be recharged every 3 years as the system tends to on average lose 10-15% of pressure every year.

BW Mobile Mechanics now offer aircon recharging with conditioner and leak sealant. We do this at your door at a time to suit you so no more waiting around for a scheduled time or hanging around in the garage while its done.

The formula we use has a conditioner in it to help your system stay cleaner & extend its life, it also has a sealant in it that will help seal up any tiny holes and also freshen up the O ring seals on the pipes that may cause a slight gas escape . (This will not repair a hole in a pipe that needs to be replaced.)

We can carry out this service at a cost of £40.

Why not call us today to book your aircon recharge


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