March 7, 2016

DIY Checklist

Here is our DIY car buying checklist




  • Is The V5C Present?
  • Is The Seller The Registered Keeper?
  • Do All Of The VIN’s, Engine Number and Colour Match The V5C?
  • Does The Car Have A Current MOT?
  • Check The Service History


  • Check Recorded Mileage On Service Records, MOT’s And Other Documents.
  • Does It Look Consistent With Current Mileage And Does It Match The Age And Appearance Of The Car?
  • Are There Any Signs Of Tampering With The Instrument Screws?

Accident Damage?

  • Are There Any Signs Of Accident Damage On The Exterior Of The Car?
  • Has The Car’s Colour Been Changed (check under carpets and other hidden areas_
  • Are There Any Unusual Looking Welds Under The Bonnet Or Boot?


  • Are All Of The Tyres In Good Condition?
  • Is There A Spare Wheel Or Inflator Kit?
  • Are The Jack And Tools Present?
  • Do All The Seatbelts Work Ok?
  • Check All Lights And Windscreen Washers/Wipers

Test Drive

  • Check All Warning Lights
  • Check Braking System (spongy/slack or pulling to one side)
  • Any Unusual Noises?
  • Does The Handbrake Hold Properly?
  • Any Steering Vibration Or Pull?


  • Check For Noises When The Engine Is Started From Cold
  • Any Excessive Visible Exhaust Emissions?
  • Is There Any Sludge On The Inside Of The Oil Filler Cap?
  • Is The Oil Level Correct?
  • Has The Cam Belt Been Changed In Accordance With The Manufacturers Guide?


Locks, windows and general controls

  • Do All Of The Locks Work Properly? (Key Operated Or Remote)
  • Do All Of The Windows Work Properly?
  • Have You Got All Of The Keys?
  • Are Locking Wheel Nuts Fitted And Is The Key Present?
  • Are There Any Signs Of Forced Entry?
  • Do All Of The Ancillary Controls Work Properly? (heating, air-con and radio)