May 17, 2016


No One Likes To Break Down

Every Now And Again Our Vehicles Get To The End Of Their Limit And They Break Down And Most of The Time It’s At The Worst Possible Time.

Here At BW Mobile Mechanics We Are On Hand To Get You Back On The Road, So If You Breakdown Why Not Give Us A Call And See What We Can Do For You.

We Will Try Our Utmost To Get You Moving Again From The Side Of The Road But Sometimes Your Vehicle May Need A New Part Which Is Not Available Until The Following Day But Fear Not If We Cannot Fix Your Vehicle We Can Offer To Recover You And Your Vehicle Back To An Address Of Your Choice.

Our Breakdown Tariff Is:

Call Out Charge + 1 Hour £40
£30/Hour Thereafter

Our Recovery Tariff Is:

Call Our Charge £40
Recovery Charge £30 + £1.20/Mile (Mileage Is Calculated Base To Base)